Get Max ROI for your campaigns

Make Campaigns Interactive

Infuse life into your campaigns, transforming static adverts into interactive dialogues that engage, inform, and guide your audience seamlessly towards making well-informed decisions.

Proactive Alert

Maximise Campaign information

Unleash the full potential of your campaigns with RoboResponseAI, ensuring every piece of campaign information is readily accessible, enriching customer interactions and driving informed decision-making.


Capture Leads through Campaigns

Let no campaign go waste, turn each one into a potent source of lead generation through interactive dialogues, capturing leads with every real-time engagement.

Capture Leads through Campaigns

Shorten Sales Cycle

Accelerate the journey from awareness to conversion with RoboResponseAI; foster instant interactions, clarify queries swiftly, shortening the sales cycle and boosting your bottom line.

Shorten Sales Cycle

Track Campaign Performance in Real Time

Monitor the pulse of your campaigns with real-time performance tracking; analyze interactions, gauge engagement levels, and swiftly optimize strategies to ensure your campaign efforts are always on target.


How Does RoboResponseAI Campaigns Work?

Attach RobobResponseAI Chatbot to campaigns as a QR code or web link. Once attached, the chatbot will become the go-to source for all campaign-related information.

Embed all campaign-related information in our chatbot. Once embedded, our chatbot will be able to answer any campaign-related questions that a potential customer might have.

Customers can access the chatbot with a simple scan of a QR code or click of a hyperlink. Our chatbot will be available 24/7 to answer all questions related to the campaign.

Get Your First Interactive Campaign Live in 5 minutes

  • Create an AI Chatbot for your Campaign: It takes just 2 minutes to create a Chatbot with RoboResponseAI.

  • Feed Campaign Information: Spend another 2 minutes to embed all campaign-related information.

  • Go Live: Take your AI chatbot live in a minute. Within 5 minutes, your ad campaign is powered by a responsive Q&A chatbot.

Use Cases

Real Estate


Automate, scale and personalize the recruitment process with our AI chatbot, enhancing candidate experiences and streamlining hiring efficiencies through real-time engagement and insightful analytics.

Car Delearship

Ad Campaigns

Revolutionize advertising by transforming campaigns into interactive experiences with our AI chatbot, capturing leads effortlessly and delivering real-time analytics for optimized client engagement and increased ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

RoboResponseAI enables interactive ad campaigns by embedding a chatbot within your ads using a QR code or web link, which can engage users and answer their queries in real-time.

It takes a total of 5 minutes - 2 minutes to create a chatbot, another 2 to feed ad campaign information, and a minute to take the chatbot live with your ad campaign.

RoboResponseAI captures leads by engaging users who interact with your ads, answering their queries, and collecting contact information for further follow-up.

RoboResponseAI can provide a wide range of information including product or service details, pricing, discounts, and any other campaign-related information you choose to embed.

By providing immediate responses to customer queries and nurturing leads effectively, RoboResponseAI helps in shortening the sales cycle and accelerating conversions.

Yes, RoboResponseAI is customizable and can be trained to respond to queries with specific keywords and phrases related to your ad campaign.

Real-time tracking allows you to analyze interactions and engagement levels, enabling swift optimization of your advertising strategies for better performance.

By enhancing engagement, capturing leads, and providing comprehensive information to potential customers, RoboResponseAI helps in maximizing the ROI on your ad campaigns.

Yes, RoboResponseAI supports about 95 languages. You can have your sources in any language and ask it questions in any language.