A Live Chat Solution to Back Up Your Chatbot


Live chat backup for better conversion

Convert your visitors to leads and leads to customers by being available for 1-on-1 interaction when needed.

Proactive Alert

Proactive alerts for live chat agents

Identify high-intent prospects and notify agents in advance.


Helpdesk chatbot for live chat agents

Empower your live chat agents by offering them a chatbot interface linked to a knowledge base for improved assistance.

Proactive Alert

Live chat transfer between agents

Enable agents to transfer live chat discussions seamlessly to other agents in real time.


Live Chat Features

Set live chat hours

Define the business hours of your live chat agents

Reopen chat

Enable agents to address follow-up queries

View live typing

Empower agents for response preparedness

Visitor information for agents

Provide visitor details prior to chat commencement

Visitor feedback request

Request feedback from visitors at the end of a discussion

Canned responses

Insert pre-written text messages while interacting with a visitor

Frequently Asked Questions

RoboResponseAI Live Chat is a solution that allows businesses to engage with their customers in real-time via a live chat interface through a human agent.

RoboResponseAI Live Chat provides businesses with OpenAI GPT-powered Chatbot and a Live Chat backed by human agents to respond to customer inquiries in real-time. Our Chatbot + Live Chat combination can be integrated with your website and other communication channels to provide a seamless customer service experience.

Yes, businesses can monitor and control the communication done by the chatbot. Human agents can act as a backup to the chatbot through our live chat interface. Our system allows businesses to view chat transcripts, add custom responses, adjust the chatbot's settings as needed, and chatbot to human agent transfer under certain conditions.

RoboResponseAI Live Chat is suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries that want to provide real-time customer support and increase engagement with their audience.

RoboResponseAI Live Chat can be easily integrated with your website by adding a snippet of code to your site. The supporting documentation has covered the process in detail, and our team can help you with the setup if needed.

The information exchanged during a chat session is highly secure and encrypted using industry-standard protocols. We also comply with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA to protect customer data.

No. RoboResponseAI Live Chat allows you to set your availability status, so you can be available only during specific days or hours that work best for you. Our chat interface can handle queries outside of your scheduled hours, and you can review chat transcripts and respond to them at your convenience.

No, adding RoboResponseAI Live Chat won't affect your website's performance. RoboResponseAI Live Chat is designed to be lightweight and fast. Our chat widgets are optimized for speed and efficiency, and it uses the latest technology and best practices to ensure fast response times. We continuously monitor our system to ensure optimal performance and make improvements as needed.

RoboResponseAI Live Chat can generate an average ROI between 250-300% by improving customer engagement and satisfaction. This ROI is achieved over a period of time once the Chatbot is fine-tuned to respond to most customer queries.