Delight your customers 24 x 7 with instant support


A smart chat window to transform your vast knowledge base

Make your knowledge content easily accessible and searchable to streamline your knowledge base.


A human-like response with a bot-like pace to resolve queries faster

Use Generative AI’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to generate natural and coherent responses.


Preserve the flow and context of the conversation for follow-up questions

Have in-depth discussions with users to engage them and increase their satisfaction level.


Resolve customer queries 24X7

With 99% uptime, be available to your customers around the clock.


Support Chatbot Features

Backed by live chat agents

Support your customers with a chatbot backed by live chat agents

Support at scale

Support your customers, irrespective of the support query volume

Reply to complex queries quickly

Reduce the query-to-support ratio before they become support tickets

Contextual support

Retain the context of support queries for enhanced customer delight


Integrate with your apps to offer end-to-end customer support


Track and report customer interactions

Frequently Asked Questions

RoboResponseAI Support Chatbot is an AI Chatbot solution designed for support teams powered by the OpenAI GPT tech stack. It offers quick and accurate responses to customer queries, ensuring high customer satisfaction.

RoboResponseAI Support Chatbot uses OpenAI GPT's Natural Language Processing capabilities to generate human-like responses at bot-like speed. Our chatbot preserves the flow and context of the conversation, allowing for in-depth discussions with customers and ensuring their satisfaction.

RoboResponseAI Support Chatbot enhances customer satisfaction by offering precise and swift resolution to their queries. It effectively reduces the number of queries that escalate to support tickets by providing proactive assistance. Additionally, our chatbot is supported by live chat agents, enabling support to be delivered efficiently.

RoboResponseAI Support Chatbot offers real-time guidance to support agents and helps them to resolve customer queries promptly and efficiently.

RoboResponseAI Support Chatbot can track and analyze customer interactions, allowing support teams to monitor various performance metrics. By leveraging these insights, support teams can adapt strategies and enhance performance.

RoboResponseAI Support Chatbot offers analytics to analyze various reports, understand customer behavior, and support teams' performance. It helps collect valuable feedback from customers after support interactions, refining support strategies and enhancing the overall customer experience.

RoboResponseAI Support Chatbot enhances the customer experience by offering a smart chat window that transforms your extensive knowledge base into easily accessible and searchable content. The chatbot engages in context-driven and detailed discussions to address all support-related queries, thus improving the customer experience.

Yes, RoboResponseAI Support Chatbot can be customized to fit your business needs. Our team can work with you to integrate the chatbot with your support apps and provide end-to-end customer support. We can also help you set up your chatbot to provide your business with the best customer service experience.

There is no inherent limit to the number of support queries the RoboResponseAI Support Chatbot can handle. The capability to handle support queries is determined by the pricing plan chosen. Technically, our chatbot is designed to handle support queries at any scale and provide quick and accurate responses around the clock.

RoboResponseAI Support Chatbot can benefit your business by improving customer satisfaction levels, reducing support team workload, and increasing the efficiency of the support process. Further, it can help you identify customer pain points, refine support strategies, and enhance the overall customer experience, driving business growth and success.

Getting started with RoboResponseAI Support Chatbot is easy. Once you sign up, you can immediately start using it.