Create a personalized and effective customer journey that converts leads into customers


Human-like interaction to increase conversion rate

3x lead-to-customer conversion rate to increase the pace of customer acquisition.


Address complex customer queries to shorten the sales cycle

Reduce turnaround time to increase customer satisfaction.


Personalize responses to improve customer engagement

Offer relevant and personalized responses through contextual discussion to elevate the customer experience.


Classify leads to prioritize high-intent leads

Segregate leads as hot, warm, or cold to act upon hot leads in real-time.


Analyze visitor actions in real-time to improve visitor engagement

Customize sales pitches to engage visitors with a persuasive conversation to close deals.


Sales Chatbot Features

Simplify lead qualification

Qualify leads from among the visitors by collecting information from them and understanding their intent

Proactive engagement

Nudge visitors with sales information and control the direction of engagement

Transfer to sales reps

Transfer the conversation to sales reps based on pre-defined criteria

Schedule demos

Engage visitors and drive them toward booking sales/demo calls

Personalize contextual responses

Personalize responses for each visitor to improve their experience

Recommend action

Suggest actions based on users’ previous page visits or questions asked

Frequently Asked Questions

RoboResponseAI enhances customer engagement by offering personalized and relevant responses through contextual discussions. It analyzes visitor actions in real-time to customize sales pitches and assists sales representatives with AI-powered insights to engage customers more effectively.

RoboResponseAI classifies leads into hot, warm, and cold categories based on their behavior and characteristics. This allows sales teams to focus on high-intent leads in real-time and improve overall conversion rates.

Yes, RoboResponseAI automates routine sales queries, freeing up sales representatives to focus on high-value activities and close deals more effectively. Most website visitor queries are repetitive, and responses to these can be taught and automated using a Chatbot. Once the Chatbot is fine-tuned, more than 80% of the queries can be handled by the Chatbot, thus freeing up the available bandwidth of the sales team.

RoboResponseAI offers real-time product knowledge support, empowering sales teams with relevant product information during customer interactions. This helps improve their confidence and effectiveness in addressing customer needs.

RoboResponseAI analyzes lead data and engagement to enable sales representatives to prioritize high-potential leads, optimizing conversion rates and streamlining the sales process.

Yes, the platform provides real-time guidance and support to sales representatives, empowering them to enhance customer interactions and overall sales performance. The sales team can be trained using past customer queries and relevant data, which can be added to the Chatbot's knowledge base.

RoboResponseAI analyzes customer behavior and interactions, guiding customers to take the next steps that align with their needs and preferences. This helps improve product stickiness by ensuring customers find value in your offerings and stay engaged.

Yes, RoboResponseAI can effectively incorporate customer feedback mechanisms into the chatbot experience.

RoboResponseAI leverages customer behavior analysis to offer personalized suggestions and recommendations, creating a more engaging and tailored customer experience that increases satisfaction and conversion rates.

RoboResponseAI uses Natural Language Processing to understand the intent and context of the visitors. This lets it personalize communication and effectively convert visitors into high-intent buyers.