Converse like humans for deep customer engagement

RoboResponseAI uses Generative AI technology to respond swiftly to customer queries with human-like responses. Intercom's response is template-driven and is unable to handle complex queries.

Visitors can be identified as hot leads in real-time

RoboResponseAI can analyze visitor actions, engage in deep conversations, identify them as hot leads, and send alerts to your team. With Intercom, hot lead identification in real-time is not possible.

Turn your blog visitors into leads

RoboResponseAI can initiate blog-specific conversations, personalize the experience, and convert visitors into potential leads.

Condense all your product knowledge into a smart, conversational chatbot

Make your chatbot a product expert! Train it to know everything about your product and use it as your go-to source for information. Meanwhile, Intercom is driven by a templated design and cannot handle an extensive knowledge base.

RoboResponseAI vs. Intercom

Generative AI-powered chatbot
Lead generation
Customer engagement
Instant answers
Third-party integration
Lead classification
Proactive engagement
Chat widget
Agent knowledge base
Human-like interaction
Support tickets
Agent helpdesk
Live chat
Proactive engagement
Conditional chatbot-to-human transfer
Personalized engagement
Train chatbots using a knowledge base
Message inbox
Train chatbots using websites
Train chatbots using Q&A
Hot lead identification and alert
24X7 support
Chat agent dashboard