How does RoboResponseAI stand out from Chatbase?

  • Initiate conversations proactively

    RoboResponseAI is a proactive chatbot. It offers relevant and personalized information without your customer even having to click on the chat widget. It reaches out to your customers based on the pages they browse at just the right moment, resulting in a positive customer interaction.

  • Collects feedback from visitors before exiting

    RoboResponseAI offers an exit feedback mechanism, a distinctive feature that nudges your

  • Offers live chat backup

    RoboResponseAI empowers human agents to seamlessly take over the chat, offering a more personalized interaction with your customers on complex queries.

  • Supports multiple chatbots on a single website

    With RoboResponseAI, you can install multiple chatbots on a single website, each endowed with a separate knowledge base for tailored interactions on different pages.

  • Supports continuous learning for smarter engagements

    RoboResponseAI continuously learns from your visitor interactions, ensuring each engagement is smarter and more personalized.

RoboResponseAI vs. Chatbase

Generative AI-Powered chatbot
Lead generation
Customer engagement
Instant answers
Third-party integration
Proactive engagement
Chat widget
Agent knowledge base
Human-like interaction
Support tickets
Agent helpdesk
Live chat
Proactive engagement
Conditional chatbot-to-human transfer
Personalized engagement
Train chatbots using knowledge base
Message inbox
Train chatbots using websites
Train chatbots using Q&A
24X7 support
Chat agent dashboard